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i just set it up and it seems to be working

if you’re at the club and someone asks for your number just give them this

Scissor Sisters - I Can't Decide
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i can’t decide // scissor sisters

no wonder why my heart feels dead inside
it’s cold and hard and petrified
lock the doors and close the blinds
we’re going for a ride

i went into my backyard to see if i could grab one of the cats but all i ending up doing was catching a lizard and petting a field mouse


Snake turnt af




an emotional roller coaster from start to finish

brome brome

I watched this too many times




Suicide Mouse

This video is said to be the “lost” episode of the 1920’s Mickey Mouse. Seems kinda boring until about 5 minutes in. I suggest skipping to around there.

Real or not, it’s hella creepy.


    I hate to end the fun here but this is NOT a Mickey Mouse cartoon, as Walter Disney’s art style was very different than this and his early Mickey looked very different from the Mickey within this video.

     Though I can tell you what this animation is! After reading many Disney Biographies I have learned many things about Walt and his life one of the most interesting things that occurred in his early days were what this video animation actually is.

    After the first Mickey Mouse cartoon came out in 1928 many rivals who did not get along with Disney began creating ‘Evil Mickey’ film, passing them off as Walt’s in attempt to destroy Disneys’ reputation. The ‘Evil Mickey’ films all depict morbid and disturbing actions within them, some of these actions include animations of the mouse groping woman, committing homicide, robbing stores, and as in the video above, videos also depicted the phony-famous mouse attempting and/or committing suicide. 

   I hate to be that kid that puts an end to fun. But this is not an animation by Walt Disney, although it is still part of his history, this video was not his work.

Actually, this correction just makes it more awesome. Didn’t know that. Thank you



i feel like every video game has “that annoying underwater level”




joe jonas joestar

no im definitely onto something here


the lyrics to a cruel angel’s thesis have always struck a chord with me